Nadia Copakova

Nadia Copakova moved to Kenmare in 2011. She originally comes from the Czech Republic.

Her deep interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired her to delve more into herself through bodywork to heal both herself and others. In 2006 she became a certified massage therapist (studied at Dexter Academy Prague and Refit Massage College Prague) and practiced her natural interest in various healing methods. With daily practice, she polished her skills and talent. Nadia started to look after not only her physical body but her emotional and spiritual body as well. Nadia is passionate about her practice as she believes there is no higher purpose of life than to serve others. Since 2006 she became involved in the Dorn Therapy and Breuss Massage, Shiatsu and Holistic Massage Therapies including Aromatherapy. After working as a massage therapist in the Parknasilla Resort & Spa, she established The Pure Touch in her home in Kenmare in 2013 where you can relieve stress and tension, relax Mind, Body and Spirit and top up your life energy. Pure Touch is focused on providing high-quality service of Unique Holistic Therapies. Nadia’s massage style encompasses a wide variety of modalities, providing a therapeutic release for the Body, Mind and Spirit (see list of therapies above). She is also interested in Crystals and Gemstones as each one has a life force, to which she is often connected and can use them for healing purposes to amplify her natural abilities. You can find a lot of Crystals and Gemstones in her treatment room. She had also more than 4 years’ experience as a counselor in Phone Crisis Intervention as she worked for a National Helpline where Nadia used her ability to heal with kind words, wise advice and an empathetic ear. She has got the ability to successfully motivate and encourage individuals. She helps others to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. She did a lot of self-awareness courses e.g. Alpha Waves in Meditation and Everyday Life, Self-Awareness with Enneagram, Drawing Right Side of the Brain and many more.

In 2014 she set up online shopping at where you can buy essential oils for balancing life energy for professional and home aromatherapy care of the Body, Soul and Spirit – Chakra line aromatherapy product and aromatherapy for children. All handmade and all natural!

In 2015 she became a consultant of Hanna Maria Therapy – Scent Marketing where she specializes in the professional use of scent in the marketing sphere. She is able to offer a wide range of products due to new technologies in the field of the development of scents and aromatherapy. These scented products can be used as an effective marketing tool for companies, businesses, public services and all other groups that could benefit from this venture. This is a fascinating approach which cannot be overlooked because it reaches deep into a client’s sub consciousness.

Also Nadia has a new hobby – Soap Making. Her handmade soaps are made from scratch using only finest natural ingredients. She never uses nasty synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrance oils. All of her are hand stirred, hand cut and hand wrapped in Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

In 2015 Nadia became consultant of Autopathy which is a way to health, a method of holistic healing, developed from classical homeopathy. It is a new method, whose roots reach far back into the past. It is a matter of applying homeopathically prepared subtle information of the person to be healed. The autopathic preparation is made by this person at home. It stimulates organism through subtle energies, called in homeopathy vital force, in Chinese traditional medicine chi and in Indian tradition prana. The method is  effective especially in healing people with chronic, through conventional methods incurable, long-term problems. It is suitable especially for self-healing. More information about Autopathy can be found at


We hope you can find everything you need. PureTouch is focused on providing high-quality service of Unique Holistic Therapies. Our massage style encompasses a wide variety of modalities, providing a therapeutic release for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Certified massage therapist with international validity and practising

  • Chinese Energetic Massage, Honey Massage and Ear Candling since 2006
  • Chinese Massage – Releasing of Blockades since 2006
  • Dorn Method and Breuss Massage since 2006
  • Zen Touch Shiatsu I. since 2007
  • Zen Touch Shiatsu II. since 2007
  • Hawaiiann Lomi Lomi Massage since 2008
  • Indian Head Massage since 2011
  • Aromatherapy since 2014