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Chakra Essential Blends and Five Elements Essential Blends

Scent is with us from the day we are born. With every breath we take in we experience different smells that are around us. Whether we like it or not we have to take our perception of smell into consideration because we cannot stop breathing for more than a minute. Also the image of this experience is being registered in our subconscious and has an effect on the limbic system of human brain which creates situations when our feelings and behavior are affected. Scent that is emotionally connected to something very special and unique can evoke deep and sentimental memories affecting our souls, even after decades of not experiencing this situation.

Each individual has a body and a soul. Both these parts are inseparably connected. When one of these parts becomes unwell, the other does likewise. The positive harmony can only be achieved by doing something just for yourself. And it can only be done by yourself. The recognition of this situation leads us to responsibility towards ourselves and towards society. We need to know that we can and must do something to enjoy life once again.

The aim of these handmade products of chakra essential oils and aromatherapy for children which have been created just for you is to give you the feeling of joy and happiness, to get your body and soul into perfect harmony and to enter the inner nature of a person due to the natural essences. Let yourself be inspired by naturalness and beauty but mainly by the incredibly pure power that is present in these essential oils.

Hanna Maria brand is engaged in composition of pure natural essential oils for balancing life energy. These handmade chakra essential oils and five elements essential oils are based on Eastern studies, own experience in the field of developing scents, the energy of plants and knowledge of energy centers of human beings, esoteric, Feng Shui and astrology.

Let us to take you on this new journey of recognition and let the wonderful chakra essential oils therapy that can change your view on life, guide you through this journey.

Wonderful scent flows around you and fills the atmosphere. Slowly but surely it takes away your tiredness, problems and worries of a hard day and lays you on a quiet meadow full of fragrant flowers, shrubs and trees. Their perfumes are lovely, relaxing and makes you want to rest with beautiful music or just with a burning candle in uninterrupted silence.

If you are in doubt which of those unique handmade chakra essential oils for balancing our life energy to chose we will be so happy to assist you.